These days animation is present in videos and movies more often than you would think. Some are very obvious such as, Pixar’s Incredible or Disney’s Moana, while some are so shuttle, that it is can be very difficult to notice.

Since 2075 BS, Ravine Studios has been constantly working on several animation projects, with primary focus on 3D Computer animation. Our studio uses industry standard software 3D packages such as Autodesk Maya, Autodesk 3D Max, Blender, Houdini and much more.

Ravine Studios has used animation techniques in several commercial advertisements, and is proud to have worked in several local movies such as “Dui Rupaiya (2074) and Kri (2075). Our clients have always been fully satisfied for us meeting their expectation.

Here, at Ravine Studios, we do all aspects of an animation. Our team is experienced in working from concept art to post production works. Even if you have an idea of a script, you are welcome to pitch this in front of us. We endeavour to bring this idea to life visually. Our storyboard artists will make a quick sketches based on your story. Then you will be the judge. If you are happy with this, we will walk on the journey of making your animation or any video come alive. Utilizing the creative tools such as Graphic Design, 3D Animation, Motion Graphics, We carve the brand and make it masterpiece

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