Ravine is a full-service  visual effects studio with a fully equipped state of the art VFX facility in Kathmandu, Nepal. Our VFX studio covers the entire post production requirements from active on-set visual effects to immersive digital sets, digital matte painting,computer-generated characters, digital crowds, and high end feature 3D animation and effects. In addition, we generate Visual Effects such as Rotoscope and matte cutting, Crowd Multiplication, Stereoscopic 3D Conversion, 3D Asset Building & Texturing, Compositing, Opening Title Animation, etc.

Our technical experts have rich experience in the latest cutting-edge software such as Maya, 3D Equalizer, After Effects, and Fusion. We create state of the art visual imagery for movies, television content, feature animated films, high quality visual effects for live films, advertisements and other short-form media.

We make the “Wow” happen
Demonstrating high standards of artistic and technical ability, we foster and strive for excellence in all matters pertaining to visual effects.

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